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Music Education Group

Our Focus

After School Multimedia Education

The afterschool multimedia education program engages youth in learning through design. Youths gain the tools and training to develop artistic, scientific and technical skills across a range of media art forms. Participants use leading edge software to create their own artwork, animations, stimulations, multi‐media presentations, virtual realities, musical creations, websites and robotic constructions.

After School Music Education

The afterschool music education program provides free personal and group instruction on guitar, bass, drums and keyboards to elementary, middle and high school youth. Students are taught how to compose, perform and record their own music. Performances and showcases are scheduled quarterly to feature the students’ dedication and musical talents. Every participant receives monthly benchmark testing.

MEG ClubHouse

The ClubHouse provides a creative and safe out of school program that allows youths, ages 10‐ 18, the opportunity to gain the tools and training to develop artistic and technical skills across a wide range of media art forms. The program promotes music engineering and multimedia science while empowering youth to be agents of social change in their community. The Clubhouse gives low income youths the flexibility to use state of the art technology in our onsite labs and studios to continue their program‐based work and develop their own independent projects within a supportive environment of peers and mentors.

More to Music Initiative

The More to Music Initiative is delivered outside of the classroom and brings music education to the next level by giving student participants an innovative and unique opportunity to gain first‐hand experience inside the music, film and digital media industries.

Partnering with some of the most well respected organizations in the industry, program components focus on teaching student participants about life skills development through music, film and digital media.

Participants are exposed to topics such as conflict resolution, leadership and entrepreneurship in addition to the tools and training to develop artistic, scientific and technical skills across a range of media art forms.

  • MEG programs will keep students excited and engaged in their education which is vital to keeping them in school.
  • MEG Programs will help develop highly skilled workers and entrepreneurs who are visionary and have imagination and creativity.
  • MEG programs will provide a critically needed, industry driven supplement to Metro Atlanta area public school systems music, film and digital media education programs.

Career Mentoring

Career mentoring is available to high school students. The program is led by industry professionals referred to as Music mentors. Students learn about various educational and career opportunities in the music, entertainment and multimedia industry.

Master Class

The Master Class program is delivered as an in-school program which exposes students to multiple careers in the music, film and digital media industries.

Participants learn about career options from a diverse group of dedicated experts, including national recording artists, songwriters, entertainment lawyers, record label producers and executives, music critics, audio architects and other industry insiders.

Participants receive an honest and up close glance into the music industry. They are given the opportunity to explore various careers within the industry—better equipping them to pursue their dreams.